OnRobot Palletizing

OnRobot’s intuitive palletizing software ensures fast set-up and changeovers of palletizing applications. The software can be used with a wide range of supported robot brands, and its step-by-step wizard includes hardware and application configurations directly from most robots’ teach pendant.

  • Intuitive software is seamlessly integrated with OnRobot palletizing tools and robot teach pendant for fast deployment and changeovers
  • Program in under 10 minutes with automatic pallet pattern generation and alerts for potential program issues
  • Improve cycle time and equipment lifespan with automatic optimization of robot path planning
  • Fully integrated with OnRobot Palletizer components with automatic detection and settings for gripper and lift

The software generates automatic path optimization and alerts for potential program issues to reduce cycle time, extend equipment life, and lower electricity bills. Advanced options include approach/retreat points for boxes and slipsheet in-feed/out-feed and safe points.


  • Programming in under 10 minutes
  • Automatic pallet pattern generation and alerts
  • Automatically detects and sets up OnRobot gripper and robot lift
  • Integrated with leading robot arms
Palletizing getting started
May 11, 2022 | 99895 views | 0 likes
Example of how to connect a Compute Box, and activate the license for Palletizing
1. Palletizing getting started
2. Palletizer connections


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