2FGP20 gripper

The OnRobot 2FGP20 electric gripper offers a wide stroke and customizable arms to easily handle heavy or open boxes, shelf-ready products, and other containers such as Euro containers (plastic KLT bins) that can’t be handled with traditional vacuum grippers.

  • Highly versatile palletizing gripper with wide stroke and customizable arms handles heavy or open boxes, shelf-ready products and other containers that can’t be gripped with vacuum
  • Integrated vacuum gripper handles slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring other handling method
  • Off-the-shelf gripper saves significant engineering effort and shortens deployment time
  • Electric gripper offers fast out-of-the-box deployment without the complexity and costs of external air supply

Like all OnRobot electric grippers, the FGP20 provides fast, out-of-the-box deployment with intuitive programming. An integrated vacuum gripper places slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring another handling method.

The 2FGP20 gripper has a versatile payload of 9kg (including gripper), making it ideal for handling food boxes or pouches and tetra-packed items, as well as fast-moving consumer goods such as toiletries, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. 


  • Flexible solution
  • Short deployment time
  • Cost saving
2FGP20 getting started
Nov 26, 2021 | 40251 views | 2 likes
Walkthrough of the content in the 2FGP20 gripper package, with description of individual parts
1. 2FGP20 getting started
2. 2FGP20 mechanical & electrical setup
3. 2FGP20 features


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