RG2 gripper

The RG2 – 2kg payload robot arm gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in Quick Changer, up to 110mm stroke. It provides intelligence, fast deployment, easy customization and programming.

  • RG2 - flexible 2 finger robot gripper with wide stroke
  • Flexible grippers can be used for a wide range of part sizes and shapes
  • Plug-and-produce design reduces deployment time from a day to an hour
  • Easy deployment with out-of-the box grippers reduces programming time by 70% 

The outstanding software features that come with the product enable intelligent applications. The RG2 gripper is a tool for wide range of applications.

Customized fingertips provide extensive gripping flexibility, customers can use one tool for different parts of the production process maximizing robot utilization.

The RG2 works seamlessly with our Dual QC and any of our other grippers to help you maximize utilization of your robots. RG2 is TÜV certified, comes standard with safety shields.

RG2 getting started
Sep 21, 2021 | 36654 views | 0 likes
Walkthrough of the content in the RG2 gripper package, with description of individual parts
1. RG2 getting started
2. RG2 mechanical & electrical setup
3. RG2 features


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