OnRobot Sander
  • Easy to deploy and program right out of the box for sanding, buffing and polishing 
  • Complete package includes everything needed for immediate use on a range of parts and materials
  • Fast, automated sanding Grit Changer reduces downtime and labor
  • Electric tool (no compressed air) boosts efficiency and control

Programming for simple surface treatments can be completed with basic robot knowledge—no additional training required. The sanding tool’s software is automatically integrated into the robot’s teach pendant, but a manual “save position” button on the tool allows for even easier waypoint settings, without using the teach pendant. The Sander software comes with different path planning options - path from handguide, shape and points, and allows users to adjust rotation speed, optimizing cycle time and consistency.  

All of the advanced features of the OnRobot Sander are supported on Universal Robots arms, but the tool is easily integrated with any major robot brand. 

OnRobot Sander getting started
Sep 20, 2021 | 1215 views | 0 likes
Walkthrough of the content in the OnRobot Sander package, with description of individual parts
1. OnRobot Sander getting started
2. OnRobot Sander mechanical & electrical setup
3. OnRobot Sander features


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