Quickly enhance collaborative robot cell productivity and minimize downtime with OnRobot WebLytics software.

  • First remote monitoring and diagnostics software to optimize production and minimize downtime for collaborative robot applications
  • Automatic data collection from any leading collaborative robot and all OnRobot tools for real-time and historic views and alerts
  • Intuitive, customizable dashboards transform raw data into actionable application- and device-level insights using industry-standard KPIs
  • Flexible and scalable for use on the shop floor and for management-level decisions, even in dynamic environments

This industry-first software tool provides real-time, application-focused data for production monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics.

WebLytics automatically collects, analyzes, and reports on collaborative applications, including data from any OnRobot tool and any leading cobot or light industrial robot.


  • Eliminate manual data collection and gain actionable insights into collaborative application performance, including the impact of changes such as robot speed or gripper setting adjustments.
  • Access real-time and historical OEE measures and user-defined KPIs through customizable dashboards on a secure, intuitive browser-based user interface.
  • Drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with configurable KPIs and customizable dashboards to track real-time and trend data.
  • Monitor application availability, performance, application cycle quality, and incidents from all devices in the application.
  • Factory-view dashboards provide comprehensive oversight and reporting, including trends. 
  • Device views provide real-time device health status, utilization, diagnostics, and maintenance notifications.
WebLytics getting started
Nov 02, 2021 | 54954 views | 1 likes
Explanation of the overall function architecture, how to install WebLytics and how to activate the software by licens
1. WebLytics getting started
2. WebLytics software installation
3. WebLytics features


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