VG10 gripper

The VG10’s adjustable vacuum and gripping arms make it ideal for operations involving work pieces of many different sizes and shapes.

  • VG10 - flexible, adjustable electrical vacuum gripper
  • Out-of-the-box deployment—plug into the robot arm and configure the gripper to fit the product—provides fast productivity and ROI.
  • No external air supply required reduces maintenance costs and speeds deployment.
  • Dual gripping functionality enables shorter cycle time.
  • Payload 15 KG (35 LB)

The VG10 is a dual suction gripper, meaning you can activate the right and left sides of the vacuum gripper to perform different tasks independent of each other. Doing so speeds up cycle time in addition to optimizing the overall efficiency of your production line.

WebLytics getting started
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Explanation of the overall function architecture, how to install WebLytics and how to activate the software by licens
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