RG2-FT gripper

The RG2-FT is a state-of-the-art gripper with added sensing and intelligence. It has built-in force/torque and proximity sensor providing very precise automation. This enables true collaboration with human operators, supporting them like a co-worker would.

  • RG2-FT – smart robot gripper with in-built force/torque and proximity sensor
  • Accurate sensing improves production quality by reducing defect rates as much as 60% in delicate pick-and-place processes
  • Easy-to-program sensing allows robot to act like an operator’s third arm, with human-like part hand-offs.
  • Ability to automate insertion tasks that weren’t previously possible, reducing operation costs by 40%

Insertion processes can be achieved faster and more precise. This gripper can easily insert pins for instance, where humans would struggle. Due to the advanced sensor technology, during assembly the gripper gives the robot the ability to feel when the part has been mounted correctly.

RG2-FT offers high productivity, fast deployment saving engineering hours on integration. 

RG2-FT getting started
Nov 02, 2021 | 36465 views | 0 likes
Walkthrough of the content in the RG2-FT gripper package, with description of individual parts
1. RG2-FT getting started
2. RG2-FT mechanical & electrical setup
3. RG2-FT features


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